How We Test

Our primary goal is to give our readers reliable, accurate, and up-to-date information about brokers, trading platforms, and apps. Our team of experts in the financial field spends hundreds of hours researching and testing every broker and platform that we recommend.

Moreover, we also want to offer trading guides and insights into online trading and long-term investments. This site provides all the tools you need to get your trading journey started. 

When we’ve checked every detail, we compare different features, as well as the pros and cons of each tested broker. We also take into account the users’ feedback by searching different forums and analysing their reviews. 

In the end, we collect all the necessary data to create a unique and fully comprehensive trading guide for safe trading in the UK. 

Naturally, we always remain unbiased, honest and only recommend licensed and safe brokers.

Trading Guide test brokers

How we test brokers

Our test process is really based on two different aspects: our independent tests and research, as well as user reviews from Google Play, the App Store, and Trustpilot, etc.

The first thing we do when testing is to check every detail and test every tool and instrument. Our experts spend more than 200 hours on every article. We pay special attention to the specific function or the criteria that we’re comparing during the comparing stage. This means that we must determine which broker is more suited for beginners, and which is better suited for experts, for example. 

Main functions we check: 

  • Graphs
  • Execution
  • Market Updates
  • Additional Features (unique to that broker)

A broker has to provide a great variety of features. The platform has to be simple for a quick check of the news, and there should also be a timer that allows you to add important events to the calendar, with all the necessary information. And when it comes to the alarm, there shouldn’t really be any reason why your broker should fail you during a live trade.

How Trading Guide test brokers

The tools we test:

  • The first thing we check is the robots that control trading processes on a broker’s servers. We note how they affect the trading process.
  • It is important to test brokers on several platforms. Each device has its own features, so it is possible that not all the functions of a broker can be accessed on each one. So, we use different gadgets to compare if the platforms work equally well on each of them, for example, on smartphones (Android and iOS), tablets, PCs, and even laptops. 
  • We also consider the brokers’ trading conditions (commission, minimum deposit, regulatory). 
  • We make use of webinars and educational video materials. This helps us to understand if the broker is suitable for new traders. 
  • We also keep our eyes on brokers’ live promotional activities, as this plays an important role in determining the broker’s place on the market. 

The main thing we consider during our research is safety. We check the license of every broker and make sure that it is regulated in the country in question. If the broker has no license, we don’t even consider recommending it. 

To ensure the safety for our readers, we check who is a regulatory body in the country and if they regulate the broker. For example, the top governing agencies in the industry right now are:

As we care about the safety of our readers, our team only considers regulated brokers. We are also constantly updating information about our recommended brokers to make sure you are receiving the most accurate information. 

We consider your opinion

We think it is essential to take into account the opinion of everyday traders and other experts in the trading market, to find out whether there are any difficulties with the platform or broker in question. This is very important, as we only want to recommend reliable and functional brokers.

We’re unbiased and consider every review. We also use automatic tools that help us collect the reviews. This allows us to check millions of comments and user reviews and compare them to create a complete picture.

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